Salty Roads (2019)

Concept & Video by Patrícia Bateira. |. Assistant Director & 2nd Camera: Beatriz Krieger. | Camera Grip: Mohammad Dibo | طرق مالحة Salty Roads is a theatre play by Bashar Murkus | with Maryam Abukhaled, Shaden Kanboura and Karim Daoud | Music: Faraj Suleiman | Stage/Props: Majdala Khoury | Dramaturgy: Rebecca Ajnwojner | Dramaturgical co-work/translation: Christopher-Fares Köhler | About Myths of Reality #8 Three children drown in the sea and refuse to resurface. Dead as they are, they deny to follow basic physical and social rules that they have had to learn despite their short lives. Is there a point in being a good child in a bad world? And what is it all worth if even parents cannot protect their children? Moses parted the sea, Jesus walked on water and the three children are stuck on the ocean floor. Not only religious and romantic stories emerged from the sea. Since ancient times, their shores have also been the place for political debates about borders, homelands and divisions. In the eighth edition of the Myths of Reality series, Palestinian director Bashar Murkus investigates the sea as a source of yesterday\'s and today\'s mythologies, together with actors Maryam Abu Khaled and Karim Daoud from the Exil Ensemble, as well as Shaden Kanboura from the Khashabi Ensemble in Haifa.