Berlin based multidisciplinary artist, whose work is a direct result of the cross between disciplines querying innovative ways of dialogue and storytelling. Explorer of the ways the artistic disciplines inform each other, how different stories call upon different representational modes and the abundance of interpretation embodied in the interdisciplinary practice.

Writer, filmmaker, designer of sound atmospheres and installations, has performed in dance and theatre plays and created artistic videos for the stage. Self-taught guitarist and composer in the fields of free improvisation, musique concrète and atonal music.

Bateira’s work travelled 45 international festivals, received prizes and honour mentions, was broadcast on English, Danish, Portuguese, French and Brazilian televisions, and on 40 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, Indian Ocean, Caribbean and South Pacific through Canal+ Overseas (FR), reaching spectators in Angola, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and São Tomé & Príncipe through RTP Africa (PT). It has been distributed in the USA and Canada by Wolfe Video, an exclusive distributor of LGBTQ+ entertainment in North America.

Has received financial support from Musikfonds/BKM in Germany, from DG-Artes/MC, Camões Institute and the Oriente Foundation in Portugal. With two grants in visual arts by the National Centre of Culture (PT) developed artistic videos showed in programs at Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in Oporto and at the Modern Art Center in Lisbon.

Studied Film and Television at the University of Westminster’s School of Media, Arts and Design (England), at the European Film College (Denmark), at the Art and Artistic Creation Program in Film Direction by the German Film and Television Academy Berlin organised by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal) and at the Skript Akademie Berlin (Germany).

Attended masterclasses, workshops and seminars in theatre improvisation with Keith Johnston; in real time video performance with Lucas Gutierrez; in stage performance with Christina Runge, Eva Hartmann and Katja Sonneman, in music, time and rites with German composers Carlotta Rabea Joachim, Arno Lücker and Moritz Eggert, in composition and improvisation with Portuguese composer Vítor Rua. In 2019, took part in the literary workshops of the Summer School South Tyrol for dramatic writing with authors Maxi Obexer, Bernhart Studlar and Kathrin Röggla.