Alpha to Omega (2018)

a film by Patrícia Bateira
© 2018 All rights reserved
Images Source Film Archive LLNL (1945-62)
Visual composition and additional cinematography by Patrícia Bateira
This film is mute.
Dur: 5 min 30

Altering the river of time, the unified theory of the universe has an unseen force. Alpha to Omega is a vision of an Einstein’s dream metaphorically set on the lamellas of a microscope, where a discontinuous charge of an electron in an atom bounces from an energy level to another outside any classification.

Juxtaposing the film’s readings of omega parameters responding to alpha particle accelerators, gravity, gas and temperature shape a landscape of macrocosmic proportions within a nuclei, where time and space thread impending death into new light in numerous layers of colour.

By means of non-categorisation, in Alpha to Omega sight mirrors the movement towards improving and increasing its ability to see, enlighten, multiply, unfold and reveal, regaining part of the innocence lost by visual classification and the contraction it generates. The uninformed eye expands beyond the fog of toxic shame and fear. Antiquity’s alphabet regains its hidden mass variable, like in semantics, the predicate determines the subject, the verb Einstein in his dream, is still unaware of: love is the bomb and potentiates life.