Frequent Traveller (2007)

A film by Patrícia Bateira

Luís Filipe Costa | Pedro Carmo | Anton Skrzypiciel

At the security control system of an airport, a man seeks to be touched. But today he crosses a new frontier.

a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon, Portugal) production in collaboration with Deutsche Film-und Fernsehakademie Berlin

Reached audiences in all 5 different continents.
Exclusive television rights acquired by Canal Plus (France) & Canal Overseas Africa for 2009.
Wolfe Video (California) acquired the exclusive distribution rights in USA and Canada English speaking territories in 2009.

Writer-Director, Editing PATRÍCIA BATEIRA | Sound Design and Original Music NATÜRLICH | Camera JOÃO PAULO OLIVEIRA | Assistant Director ANA ELISEU | Assistant Camera RUI PEREIRA | Sound GONÇALO ROBALO | Boom Operator RODRIGO LAMOUNIER | Lighting RUI XAVIER | Make Up GORETTI PAIXÃO and CARINA QUINTILIANO | Wardrobe ISABEL SILVA | Colour Grading TERESA FERREIRA | Telecine ANDREIA BERTINI | Sound Mixer HUGO LEITÃO | Post-Production Assistant PEDRO PAIVA

Shoot on 16mm film, color in Lisbon (Portugal)