Two Rivers (2002)

He once learnt at the Volga margins, the magic he now spreads nearby River Tejo. This city collects memories, precise movements of who knows the dances between rivers.

Filmed in Lisbon by Patrícia Bateira (all rights reserved)

Project developed for 14 Poetic Movements in the City curated by Luciana Fina: “Film gives itself up to movement and gives us movement. Movements of the city, of the facades and the streets, functional movements and casual movements, political movements, migrations and immigrations, solitary movements and mass movements, movements of denial and demand, of change and expectation. Uninterrupted landscape of the city.” Presented at the Modern Art Center during the Lisbon International Dance Festival (2002), at Marseille International Dance Festival (2003) and Lisbon’s Cultural Centre of Belém (2004).
Co-Production LAF Studio/Danças na Cidade