LATEST WORK video by Patrícia Bateira a performance by White on White with Svenia Liesau, Jerry Hoffmann, Johannes Maria Schmit und Iggy Lond Malmborg Props by Jeeyoung Shin Dramaturgy by Rebecca Ajnwojner Premiere on 21st June at PUGS IN LOVE – Queer Weekend 2018 in Gorki’s Studio. The German-Swedish performance duo White on White explores an inexistent, phantasmatic nation-state: »Tyskland«. The Scandinavian (magic) word for Germany offers an opening of the projections of the north to the south: In the perspective of TYSKLAND, Germany is a queer garden, where Joseph Beuys – embodied in a golden leaf rabbit – and Rosa Luxembourg kiss the good night, while Theodor and Max exercise a strict regime – one of Critical Theory, Anti-Nationalism and Absolute Liberty of the Arts. Gefördert aus Mitteln der Spartenübergreifenden Förderung des Landes Berlin.